Kairos & Heart Consulting's Grounding Principles

  1. Joy is abundant.

  2. Meaningful relationships fuel transformative work. ​​

  3. Sharing power expands results. 

  4. There are multiple ways of knowing.

  5. Different design choices are always available.

  6. Co-creating requires ujima: collective work and responsibility. 

  7. Realistic work plans, creativity, and an asset-based approach help mitigate harmful characteristics of white supremacy culture: perfectionism, sense of urgency, and either/or thinking. 

  8. Rest is revolutionary. Kairos & Heart observes a four-day work week, reserving Fridays for creative pursuits.

Strategic Planning

  • Guided process to identify new pathways for organizational and programmatic impact

  • Stakeholder interviews and focus groups

  • Facilitated design sessions

Thought Partnership

  • Individual and team coaching to challenge thinking

  • Provokes creative thinking and inquiry to create new possibilities and design choices

Board Development

  • Governance assessments

  • Retreat design and facilitation

  • Board chair and executive director coaching

  • Governance model restructuring

DEI Building Blocks

  • Power Moves Assessment facilitation (developed by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy)

  • Customized webinars focused on developing a shared language, key concepts, and how to integrate with organizational operations


"Though Makiyah and I met while she was driving our strategic planning process at Supermajority, she quickly became much more than a consultant -- she became a mentor, co-conspirator, and friend. Her steadfast commitment to directness, clarity, creativity, and empathy helped me grow as a leader all the while also supporting our co-founders and leadership team to develop a comprehensive four year roadmap. The relationship between a client and a consultant can be a bit complicated. Of course it's helpful to get advice from someone external, but the tradeoff is that folks who sit outside of the organization don't always feel like they have skin in the game. That is what always felt magical about Makiyah -- she was all in. Her commitment to Supermajority and our success was evident. She drank the kool-aid AND helped make it taste sweeter."

Taylor Salditch

Interim Executive Director, Supermajority